Collectable series - Acrylics on Canvas

The series of canvas Overseas Taste Venice is part of a collective exhibition of artists born within the Taste Venice Project: a collective art project that I personally develop and curated since 2017.

Starting from the narratives that combine art and anthropology, the visual project I dedicated to my native city has gradually unfolded through the interpretations of those who crossed it, creating an unforeseeable poetic maze like the city itself, while acting as community-builder, involving more than 30 artists from different domains.

Six poems inspired my paintings, each of them represent one "lagoon archetype".

A very precise code is readable on them: the seagull appearing in each canvas that symbolize the deep connection of the city to its amphibious nature and the support of the handmade laces as stencils reconnect the city to its endangered craft trades.




Preparatory Study
Collectable series

The preparatory inks comes in 6 collectable pieces in A4 paper.

The themes that emerged from the discussion about those archetypes that laid the foundations for the project are "The Aver Care of the Self and the Other", "Space as a Place of Conflict and Care", "Recognition of the Self as a Bridge to welcome the Different". 

The Archetypes shown are:

The Migrant, The Local, The Squatter,

The Student, The Tourist, The Artist



Acrylic on cotton cm 150 x 70

"Sleeping tide
and side by side
on that pillow we call sky
Who should know -we ask inside-
what is true and what is lie?
Sleeping tide 
and side by side"



Acrilic on Wood cm 70 x 150

They were just best friends

The beauties Pride and Joy

The used to play together

My heart as special toy

"Forever we'll be one"

But something then went wrong

Someone wants to become

The one that play more strong

The weakest sights and sobs

Intending not to bob

But could not stay aside

Was Joy without a Pride



Acrilyc and papier-maché on canvas
cm 24 x 33 x 1,5

Sirene - Marmaids- are they are two caskets made from the decomposition of the canvas and inserts in bas-relief of papier-mache. In both I express a different interpretation of femininity: as the custodian of delicate treasures and at the same time as the bearer of entire universes of sufferings implicated in the patriarchal system. The femininity emanated by my mermaids, who appear naked and amphibious, wishes to evoke delicacy and poignant strength, as well as the desire for re-appraisal and freedom.



Acrylics on photo-collage
cm 24 x 33

Ninfee is a composition of black and white nude portraits with a focus on the sense of "touch". Bodies and natural elements touch, embrace and intersect between branches and streams of water in purple hues. The body is revealed in a genuine form, emerging from the dense composition of frames of progressive size, as if it were a nymph chasing a dream in the branches. The shots to which they are subject are made by the Italians photographers Giovanni Bettinello and Manuela Centrone.



Elephanta is a series of three pieces that represent a fantastic and suspended world. Where do the elephants who keep our memories walk? Elephanta is their kingdom.

Acrylics and Pencils on Canvas
cm 35 x 25 x 1



Water pencils on papers cm 18 x 24

The Dreamingland Stories are a collection of illustrations that accompany fantastic dream stories. Image received during the dreams that conceal fairy tales, to be built: they are part of an interactive storytelling project for families.



Un diario personale di un viaggio fatto in India.

Waterpencils on paper_ postcards